Alberta Capital Finance Authority

Expense Disclosure

On October 1, 2012 the Government of Alberta implemented a new comprehensive disclosure policy on travel, accommodation, meals and hospitality expenses. Subsequently, the Board of ACFA approved a congruent Expense and Disclosure Policy, included in the Standing Policy Manual.

The disclosure requirements apply to Ministers and Associate Ministers, their political staff, and senior officials appointed by Order in Council and paid directly by government; and to Deputy Ministers and executive managers in the Alberta Public Service.

Expenses are published online as per the links below. Receipts are posted where applicable. A receipt is not required for a reimbursement of an expense for which an allowance can be claimed. This includes expenses such as per diems, meal allowances, meter parking and bus fares.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the ACFA office directly at 780-427-9711.







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