About the Alberta Capital Finance Authority

Information Memorandum



The Alberta Capital Finance Authority ("ACFA") is a provincial authority and acts only as an agent of the Alberta crown. Its business is to provide local entities with financing for capital projects. ACFA is able to borrow in capital markets at interest rates which would not be available to local authorities acting independently.  ACFA makes loans to Alberta municipalities, school boards and other local entities at interest rates based on the cost of its borrowings.


The Authority was established in 1956 and is continued under the authority of the Alberta Capital Finance Authority Act, ACFA Regulation and ACFA Allotment of Shares Regulation.


The Authority issues various types of debt obligations to borrow the funds necessary to finance loan requirements. These obligations of the Authority are unconditionally guaranteed by the Province of Alberta.

Financial Statements

Copies of the Authority's Annual Report containing the audited financial statements are available upon request from the Authority at the following address:

Alberta Capital Finance Authority
2090, Sun Life Place
10123 - 99 Street NW
T5J 3H1